Cleaning and laundry products make our lives much easier but, if they get into the hands of unsuspecting young children, they can cause serious harm. Parents and carers have the key role to play in keeping young children safe at home.

But there is evidence that, from around the age of 3 to 4, children start to understand some of the concepts around keeping themselves safe and behave safely with greater consistency.

Also, when you teach children safety messages from a young age, with repetition the safe behaviour can become automatic. When children carry safety messages back into their family homes, there is an opportunity for the learned behaviour to be reinforced.

That’s why the Child Accident Prevention Trust, with the generous support of the UK Cleaning Products Industry Association, has developed this educational resource, to help teach younger children how to stay safe around cleaning and laundry products, and to support parents to keep their children safe at home.

It is designed for teachers in reception classes, who work with children aged 4 to 5. Teachers who work with year 1 may also find it helpful, for example to help pupils develop skills in spoken language and vocabulary development.


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