WatchTower Giraffe

Smoke won’t wake you up if there is a fire in your home – in fact, it will kill you. That’s why you need a smoke alarm, to warn you of the danger and give you vital time to escape before the toxic fumes overpower you.

But if your smoke alarm doesn’t work, the risk to your family from fire is the same as if you have no smoke alarm at all.

Despite this, it can still be hard to get into the habit of testing your smoke alarm. And the need to stand on chairs or steps to reach the test button can be off-putting. 

Step forward the WatchTower Giraffe!

The WatchTower Giraffe is a funky device for testing smoke alarms. He’s 60cm in length, made of shatterproof plastic and comes with his own full-colour illustrated story book for children.

Designed to make it easy to reach the alarms without climbing on chairs or stools, the Giraffe is a great little fella to have around and kids love him! Once they get involved, they encourage grown-ups to test the smoke alarms each month.

What’s more, £1 from each WatchTower Giraffe sold is donated to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, to help fund our charity’s essential work.

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