Toxic tales DVD pack

Toxic Tales is a DVD which educates parents about the risks of accidental poisoning. It deals with three of the most common and serious poisoning scenarios: medication (pills); household cleaning products and carbon monoxide.

Of the 25,000 under 5s rushed to A&E each year in the UK, one in five cases (that’s around 15 every day) will be serious enough for the child to be admitted for further observation and/or treatment.

Accidental poisonings can cause a great deal of harm to children as their bodies are small and still developing. In addition, young children are naturally inquisitive: brightly-coloured detergents or medicines, pills that look like sweets, or liquitabs are all very attractive.

Child-resistant caps are never childproof and besides, many household detergents such as liquitabs don’t come in child-resistant packaging. Carbon monoxide is known as the ‘silent killer’. It is invisible, tasteless and odourless but very dangerous.

Toxic Tales includes a 15-minute DVD film featuring the real-life stories of three parents; footage from a child’s perspective, and an interview with Dr Joe Brierley, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The pack includes support cards to facilitate group discussions, including facts and figures, information on the links between poisoning and child development, key safety messages, ideas for discussion sessions, support for impact evaluation, and 25 of each of two related flyers which can easily be replenished for different groups.

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