Toddlers pack

CAPT’s toddler pack includes one of each of our booklets and leaflets relating to toddler safety. In here you’ll find comprehensive advice on home and garden safety and guidance on road and in-car safety. The information in this pack shows you how to help prevent your toddler from the most serious and common causes of accidental injury and includes first aid basics should your child be injured.

Product code: PCK009

Delivery charges are included in the cost of toddler parents packs (If you order other products with any of the parents packs the order will incur the standard delivery charge).

Toddlers top tips: When toddlers start to move and explore, their environment becomes increasingly hazardous. Essential safety advice for parents of under 5s.

How safe is your child at home? Carry out your own room-by-room home safety audit with this essential leaflet on how to keep your child safe at home.

How safe is your child? A series of seven leaflets with in-depth advice on specific risks

Now I’m a toddler, I can... and It’s fun to go out, but... Two beautifully-illustrated booklets on how to keep your young child safe at home and when out and about

One step ahead: ‘I didn’t know he/she could do that’ is a common refrain from parents whose toddler is admitted to A&E. This useful wallchart maps their development to hazards in the home so that you can be one step ahead of their safety.

Safety flyers: Eight illustrated flyers with a bold safety message, facts and figures and essential advice. A perfect reminder of the main issues, and ideal for sharing with grandparents and other carers.