Child development pack

Serious accidents and child development are inextricably linked - parents are often taken by surprise when their child makes a sudden breakthrough in their development. Help parents of young children anticipate the risks and stay one step ahead with this comprehensive child development pack.

The pack includes:

The child development pack gives you everything you need to run effective sessions or bite-size sessions for parents and carers. There are three elements:

The Session plan pack is the ultimate flexible resource, designed to be very easy to use, and to be used over and over again with different groups of parents and carers.

Each pack comes with 15 laminated cards – flashcards clearly illustrating an accident scenario on one side and session plans for you on the reverse. Each session plan outlines the aims and learning outcomes, the resources you’ll need, and notes and advice to help you run effective discussions.

The cards are divided into three key stages of development:

  • Because I’m a growing baby
  • Now I’m a toddler
  • Now I’m getting bigger – young children under five.

The pack also includes information on how to get the most out of your session and importantly, an evaluation form which can be photocopied and completed by parents. This will help you demonstrate the impact of your services to Ofsted and others.

Accidents and child development is an essential guide for all practitioners working with children and families. It will give you knowledge and insight into child accident prevention, bringing depth to your work. Instead of just explaining what preventative action they should take, you will also be able to explain why. As well as practical safety tips, the guide also includes advice on engaging with parents and children.

As I grow and change I can... 40 copies of our brand new pictorial book which shows parents how safety risks are related to their young child’s physical development and learning about the world.

The booklet focuses on the so-called breakthrough moments for babies, toddlers and young children - the transitions between one stage and the next, which very often catch parents by surprise.

With As I grow and change I can... parents are encouraged to think about their child’s development in the context of risk, see the world through their child’s eyes, and ‘take ownership’ of accident prevention. By having a better understanding, parents will be better prepared to stay one step ahead.

As with all our pictorial books, they are a brilliant resource for all parents, but especially those with low literacy or English as an additional language.

Product code: PCK011