As I grow and change I can... (40 copies)

About the booklet

This is pictorial book which shows parents how safety risks are related to their young child’s physical development and learning about the world.

  • I often surprise you with what I can do
  • I sometimes seem naughty when I’m just trying new things
  • I don’t understand about danger so I can be badly hurt in an accident

The booklet focuses on the so-called breakthrough moments - the transitions between one stage and the next, which very often catch parents by surprise. While these newly-acquired abilities (rolling over, grabbing, crawling, standing, climbing, exploring and copying) are magical for children and parents, they do bring new risks.

With As I grow and change I can... parents are encouraged to think about their child’s development in the context of risk, see the world through their child’s eyes, and ‘take ownership’ of accident prevention. By having a better understanding, parents will be better prepared to stay one step ahead.

The booklet is divided into three sections:

1. Because I’m a growing baby...

  • I like to reach out and grab things
  • I put things in my mouth to find out what they are
  • I can move on my own

2. Now I’m a toddler...

  • I don’t always know when I’m in danger
  • I love to climb but I’m not steady yet
  • I like to explore things with my mouth

3. Now I’m getting bigger...

  • I love to explore on my own
  • I want to be like you

As with all our pictorial books, they are a brilliant resource for all parents, but especially those with low literacy or English as an additional language.

The booklets work on their own but complement our other child development resources: our Child development pack, with our Preventing accidents session plan pack and Accidents and child development guide.

As I grow and change, I can... isn’t intended as a substitute for our other pictorial booklets. That’s because there are many other risks for babies and young children, which are covered in more detail by the other four titles in the series.

Product code: BKT010

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