Accidents and child development

About the guide

The essential guide for anyone working with families and children.

  • Why do children have accidents?
  • What accidents do they have and how do they change at different stages of their development?
  • At what age do they understand and remember the risks?
  • When and how can they safely become more independent?
  • How can we keep them safe without restricting their freedom and development?

Accidents and child development goes a step further than straight safety advice and explores how a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development are linked to the risk of them having a serious accident. It will give you knowledge and insight, bringing depth to your work with parents and carers in child accident prevention. Instead of just explaining what preventative action they should take, you will also be able to explain why.

Updated and expanded, the latest version is full-colour, easier to use (especially for quick reference) and includes tips for engaging both children and their parents.

Whatever your role in child accident prevention, this is an informative and comprehensive guide to support your and your colleagues’ professional development.

Product code: GUI001