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CAPT's expert safety advice is presented in an engaging, colourful style that will appeal to parents and carers. Browse the categories below for leaflets, flyers, posters and more.

As I grow and change I can... (40 copies)


As I grow and change I can... is a pictorial book which shows parents how safety risks are related to their young child’s physical development and learning about the world. Read more

Finger food without the fear


This flyer offers helpful reminders so babies and toddlers can enjoy food without the fear of choking. Read more

Fireangel carbon monoxide alarm CO-9B


A carbon monoxide alarm with removable batteries which is great for travelling. Protect your family while travelling with this sleek and slim carbon monoxide alarm. Read more

Picture of Safety series


Our Picture of Safety series covers home, road and pedestrian safety from birth to 5 years. Read more

WatchTower Giraffe


The WatchTower Giraffe is a funky device for testing smoke alarms. He’s 60cm in length, made of shatterproof plastic and comes with his own full-colour illustrated story book for children. Read more