Easy on your budget

We know that budgets are often tight and that is why we offer a number of free downloadable resources (list below) covering each of the key safety areas. If you do you have some budget you can greatly enhance your activity with CAPT's well-priced range of picture-based resources and publications is designed specifically for professionals working with families. They are easy to understand, highlight the real risks of serious accidents and the simple steps that parents can take to protect their children from serious harm.

“The pictures tell the story so you can see the danger without having to read it.”

All our resources are available to buy from the online shop.

Free Downloads

We know that budgets are often tight. That's why we offer many free downloadable resources as well including a rich library of resources and activities for Child Safety Week.

 Accident prevention (general)

  • FACTSHEETS: Parents Pack for essential advice on keeping your children safe during lockdown and beyond.
  • ACTIVITY: Child Safety Week Activity sheets - Fun activities including word search, spot the danger and word scramble
  • ACTIVITY: Safety Detective Word Scramble - Can budding safety sleuths work out what the words are? This word scramble exercise helps children recognise common dangers in the home. (For 7-11s).

 Button batteries

 Burns and scalds



 Fire Safety

 Garden Safety

  • QUIZ (ADULTS): Garden safety quiz- How safe is your garden? This quiz helps parents and carers identify the potential risks in their garden. For adults.

     Home safety

    • QUIZ: Bathroom safety quiz - tests how well parents can spot the dangers in their bathroom. For adults. 
    • QUIZ: Kitchen safety quiz - gets parents and carers thinking about the hazards in their kitchen. How safe is yours? For adults.
    • QUIZ: Hallway safety quiz - tests parents and carers on how safe their hall, stairs and landing are. Is your hall a safety route? For adults.


     Road Safety

     Stopping breathing - choking, strangulation and suffocation