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We know that budgets are often tight. That's why we offer many free downloadable resources. 

If you do you have some budget you can greatly enhance your activity with CAPT's well-priced range of picture-based resources and publications is designed specifically for professionals working with families. They are easy to understand, highlight the real risks of serious accidents and the simple steps that parents can take to protect their children from serious harm.

All of our resources are keenly priced to stretch your budget as far as possible. And with a delivery charge from £3.95 you can easily order in the right quantities for your needs.

‣ Please note: We only deliver within the UK which includes all of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Orkney, Shetland and all of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

‣ If you work in Scotland, contact your local health resource library. Many stock a wide range of CAPT resources that you can order to support your work.

 Bright posters

Make a display that captures attention with our full colour posters that convey key child safety messages in a moment. Just £1.25 each or £6 for a pack of five, plus P&P.

 Colourful flyers

Our easy-to-read flyers offer simple tips on safety and first aid to reinforce your discussions with parents. The colourful illustrations provide a great visual reminder of risks to look out for.

 Fact-packed leaflets

Packed with the very latest advice, our leaflets have child safety covered three ways:

‣ Key ages and stages of development
‣ Key injury issues
‣ Key places

 Pictorial booklets

Our picture-based booklets are a great resource for all parents, but especially the one parent in six who struggles to read. 

Four titles cover key developmental stages from new-borns to pre-school, plus we have booklets on child development and child road safety.

‣ You can buy our pictorial booklets in packs of 20 for just £27.50 plus P&P
‣ If you work with larger groups of parents, we also offer the booklets in packs of 40 for just £50 plus P&P - a saving of 10%
‣ And there's our best selling mixed pack of 50 booklets - ten of each title - for just £62.50 plus P&P

 Ready-made display packs and session plans

Don't worry, there is no need to spend hours pulling together display materials or developing engaging group work sessions. As far as we can we have done the work for you! Have a browse of our featured packs below.

"The pack was ideal, really easy to use, bright and colourful. I used it with several of our family groups and one-to-one with families. It was great for starting conversations and bringing up topics that otherwise might be difficult to share." Home-start Edinburgh West and South West

Button battery safety pack


With 100 flyers and a hard-hitting full-colour poster, this pack gives you everything you need to inform parents about the danger to their child from button batteries. Read more

Display Pack


This display pack is an easy way to create a colourful display that grabs the attention of parents and carers. Includes copies of each of our posters, flyers and leaflets and booklets. Read more

Hair straighteners education pack


This pack guides you through running effective, engaging discussions with parents and carers, exploring the dangers and the best ways to protect young children from preventable burns. Read more

Starter pack


In this fast-paced world, new risks to children’s safety are constantly emerging. It can sometimes be hard to stay up-to-date. Our Starter Pack is a great way to stock up on a varied range of resources, even if you're on a limited budget. Read more