The BBC issued a stark warning about the harm being done to toddlers by button batteries last week. The news stories about children harmed by button batteries brought the story to life for other families – our social media channels were buzzing with discussions about it and parents sharing their experiences.

Select your news story from Storify

If you are looking for an opener to engage local families around the issue of button batteries or child safety more generally this offers a great opportunity. We’ve pulled the coverage together on Storify so that you can easily select news stories to bring to your group or one-to-one sessions. There are links to on-line news stories, social media posts and a radio piece with consultant Kate Cross about when to get help.

  • Print stories off for parents for group sessions
  • Use social media posts about the issue on your own social media channels
  • Play the BBC Radio 2 piece with consultant Kate Cross on the BBC about getting help to your group to start discussion.

Get background about the issue

We’ve pulled together all our advice in one place so you can be fully up to speed on:

  • why button batteries pose such a danger
  • messages to parents about prevention
  • what to do if you think your child has swallowed a button battery

Tips on running a session with parents

Download (link) our tips for running a session and ideas for engaging parents with props, news stories, questions to ask.

Resources to hand out

Our flyer and poster pack offers a poster and 100 flyers, so that parents can take simple reminders home with them, for £16 plus P&P or you can purchase the poster or flyers alone.