Fireman Sam and CAPT launch new partnership to help teach young children about staying safe this Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night

(Press release) London, 25 October 2019:

Fireman Sam and the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) have joined forces in a bid to get young children switched on to safety this Halloween and Bonfire night. Today sees the publication of their jointly authored safety tips which will equip pre-school children and parents with important advice to help reduce the risk of injury from fireworks, bonfires and flammable costumes. CAPT is the UK’s leading charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents.

The collaboration forms part of the launch of “Fireman Sam Safety Hero School” – a new family-focussed safety initiative aimed at pre-schoolers in the UK helping to promote key safety messages in the areas of fire safety, water safety, safety in the home, road safety and animal safety. Based on a special safety curriculum written in conjunction with key partners and safety experts, Fireman Sam Safety Hero School is an entertaining and informative programme of events and activities giving essential information about staying safe in different situations that children may encounter in their everyday life.

From today, children and parents will be able to access the Halloween and Bonfire night safety tips, written using child-friendly language, at the “Fireman Sam Safety Hero School Hub" – a dedicated online platform at They will also be able to download fire safety activity sheets and watch fire safety videos from the Pontypandy firefighting crew. Children are incentivised to take part in the activities by earning certificates and badges once they have completed all the tasks, with the overall aim for them to complete all the safety modules and become a “Fireman Sam Ultimate Safety Hero”.

Helen Genia, Head of UK Licensing and Hardlines EMEA, Mattel Consumer Products, says:

“Fire safety and community spirit remain at the core of Fireman Sam values and our partnership with CAPT around Halloween and Bonfire night safety to launch ‘Fireman Sam’s Safety Hero School’encapsulates this nicely with important safety advice given in a pre-school friendly way and made easily accessible for children.”

 Katrina Phillips, CEO, Child Accident Prevention Trust, said:

“The Child Accident Prevention Trust exists to make sure children can lead active lives free from the suffering that serious accidents cause. Our work with Mattel, and Fireman Sam’s new Safety Hero School is a wonderful way to engage families with life-saving Halloween and Bonfire Night messages, making sure that children have fun safely.”

UK research into Halloween and Bonfire night safety conducted by Fireman Sam and CAPT                                                                                                  

Ahead of today’s publication of the Halloween and Bonfire night safety tips, Fireman Sam and CAPT carried out a survey of 2,000 UK parents of children aged 2 – 5 years old to help them gauge a better understanding of current awareness levels of Halloween and Bonfire night safety amongst this group.

The key findings of the survey released today shows that overall 86 percent of parents feel they are aware of the dangers associated with Halloween and Bonfire night with the top five things parents are most concerned about for their children being: accidents with sparklers (65 percent), burns from fireworks (64%) and bonfires (55%), road accidents while trick or treating (47%) and their child’s dressing-up costume catching fire (46%).

However, despite knowing the dangers, four in 10 parents have never discussed fire safety around Halloween and Bonfire Night with their child. And a quarter of parents say they do not feel confident about how to react if their child had an accident at Halloween or Bonfire night, with a further third saying they would not be confident that their child would know how to avoid having an accident with fire at Halloween or Bonfire night.

31 per cent of parents feel their child would not what to do in a situation involving a fire emergency and, according to them, just a third of children would know how to Stop, Drop and Roll if their clothes or costume caught on fire and under half (42%) of young kids are thought to know how to telephone emergency services.

Whilst the survey showed that 7 in 10 children will get dressed up in a costume his Halloween or Bonfire night,  a third of parents say they would not know how to check if their child’s costume has passed safety standards before they bought it for them – and only just over half of parents (57%) usually shop for their costumes from a reputable high street retailer, with 20 percent of parents usually opting to buy costumes at a pound shop and a further 18 percent intending to buy them from a budget online vendor this year.

Overall 91 percent of parents surveyed say their family will be taking part in Halloween or Bonfire night celebrations – 61 percent choosing to celebrate both occasions, with Halloween slightly ahead as the most popular standalone celebration. 60 percent of children will go trick-or-treating this year, with 20 percent of those going on their own without parents.

The most popular safety measures that parents will take for their children ahead of going trick-or-treating includes: Sticking together in a group at all times (57%); Teaching them to keep lollies and sweets until they get home (55%); Teaching them to keep away from naked flames (48%); Giving them a torch or flashlight (40%) and agreeing a route with them or setting a curfew (28%).

Helen Genia commented:

Our research shows that whilst parents are aware of the dangers associated with Halloween and Bonfire night there are a large number that are not communicating these risks to their young children, which could have fatal consequences. The new partnership with CAPT and the publication of specific Halloween and Bonfire night safety tips and advice that talks directly to children will hopefully help to reduce any potential injuries over this infamously hazardous period."  

Katrina Phillips, Child Accident Prevention Trust commented:

“Over a third of parents say they’ll be buying their children’s costumes from discount stores on the high street or online this Halloween and Bonfire Night. It’s understandable when money is tight. But cheap costumes can be scary for all the wrong reasons because they go up in flames so quickly.
So it’s a worry that many parents haven’t talked to their children about the risks of fire and how to stay safe, and that only one in three children know how to STOP, DROP and ROLL if their clothes catch fire. That’s why we’re joining forces with Fireman Sam, so families have the know-how they need to minimise risks and react quickly if an accident does happen.
Fireman Sam’s Safety Hero School is a fabulous resource for children and parents. Parents can get further advice to help keep their children safe from our website”

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