We work closely with our national partners to develop bespoke strategic partnerships tailored to their corporate objectives, enabling them to engage with consumers, employees and stakeholders in new and meaningful ways.

As the leading authority in child accident prevention, our expertise, insight and content is used by healthcare and early years professionals, government and industry bodies. We are trusted for our independence and credibility.

Our educational materials are also readily available in places of high child and family footfall, like schools, nurseries and early years centres.

Our commercial partnerships are at the core of what we do, ensuring that together we reach families across the UK, empowering parents to create safe homes, and preventing serious harm to thousands of children each year.

We also work with our national partners to reach professionals and policy makers with evidence-based advice and information, amplifying the impact of our shared objective to keep children safe.

Our partners can use the CAPT National Partner logo on their website, offering a visible association with the trusted brand values of CAPT and enhancing their positioning on child safety.

Each of our strategic partnerships develops from an in-depth understanding of your corporate or industry-wide objectives, and is tailored to build on our mutual strengths.

Our national partners

Here are the companies and industry bodies who partner with us to help to keep the UK’s children safe from serious accidents:


Frank Imbescheid, Chair of the British and Irish Portable Battery Association, says:

“This is an industry first and has never been done before in the UK. We take the safety of consumers very seriously and are delighted to partner with CAPT. We will work together to ensure that parents, families and healthcare professionals have the right information to keep children safe. Battery manufacturers are continuously working to reduce the risk of ingestion through various initiatives. We however recognise that more could be done to communicate this and our partnership with CAPT enables us to reach a much wider audience and provide information and guidance.”

Cameron Smith, Senior Sales Business Manager at Johnson Matthey, the manufacturer of Bitrex, says:

“The fact that we are in our 17th year of sponsorship with Child Safety Week is an indication of the strength of our relationship with CAPT. Child Safety Week is a vital part of maintaining awareness about how to protect children from accidents of all types. But our relationship with CAPT goes further. We share research and work together throughout the year to get information about the prevention of poisoning to parents, professionals and policy makers. Our relationship shows how well business and charities can work together, drawing on our compatible strengths.”

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