"The damage they did is absolutely unreal. They burned holes in the intestines. Whenever they opened him up some of his intestines already leaked out." Mother of a three-year-old boy

What you need to know ...

  • Keep your child safe

    High-strength magnets can rip through a child’s gut if they swallow them, causing life-threatening injuries - and doctors are seeing a worrying increase in the number of cases. Read our tips on how you can keep your child safe. Read more

  • Parents speak out

    True-life stories from families whose children swallowed super strong magnets. From an 18-month-old who swallowed 23 magnets from an older child's toy to an 11-year-old who came to regret a TikTok dare. Read more

Resources to share

  • Flyer

    Our visual, colourful, easy-to-read flyer alerts parents to the dangers of super strong magnets. Grab your free download and share to help raise awareness. Read more

  • Leaflet and Poster

    A free leaflet and poster from the Office for Product Safety and Standards with helpful safety messages to share with parents. Read more

  • Social media assets

    Free social media assets from the Office for Product Safety and Standards. Read more