There are so many safety products on the market that it can often be difficult for parents to choose the right one. By helping parents understand where equipment can lend a helping hand, you can help keep children and babies safe from serious harm.

That’s why we recommend CAPT’s age-targeted leaflets written for parents and carers. These guide parents through the main issues at each stage of a child’s development. You can view samples of all CAPT’s leaflets, flyers and booklets and place bulk orders in the online shop.

General tips on safety equipment

Our age-related leaflets and booklets cover the key stages of child development, and which safety equipment is necessary as children grow up.

  • Keep your baby safe – advice on nursery equipment for first-time parents
  • Babies – top safety tips for parents and carers
  • Toddlers and up – top safety tips for parents and carers
  • 5-7s – top safety tips for parents and carers
  • 7-11s – top safety tips for parents and carers

Some safety products should be used no matter what the age of the child. Smoke alarms and cycle helmets should be used whether you’re 5 or 55!

However, many safety products will depend on the child’s age, height or weight. For instance, child car seats and booster seats.

Other safety products are designed to make the child’s environment safer. Safety gates, window locks, and anti-slip products can make the home safer for young children.  Impact-absorbing surfaces will help protect children when they’re playing outside. Remember nothing replaces adult supervision, especially for young children. But safety equipment can make it easier to supervise children by creating a safer environment.

CAPT’s resources carry information on safety equipment for different ages of children and across different topics. Our fact sheet for parents gives more detailed advice on safety equipment, covering:-

  • Falls
  • Fire safety
  • Hot water safety
  • Glass safety
  • Poisons
  • Other barriers
  • Out and about

More information

CAPT’s range of leaflets and booklets will support you in your work with parents and carers by underlining the key safety messages. The leaflets are written with different stages of child development in mind, and are a key support tool when teaching parents about safety equipment.

Online shop

We also have a range of quizzes and activities to support you in your work with parents and carers.

This resource is a support tool for practitioners, and is not meant to provide stand-alone safety advice. You can find more detailed advice on preventing accidents in the parents section of the website. If you would like teaching aids for workshops, you can purchase some of our colourful, engaging safety resources in the online shop.

There are other important aspects of accident prevention, such as legislation and the physical, social and financial environment that children and families live in. Find out more about the role of practitioners in preventing childhood injuries and deaths from accidents.