Our shortest survey yet ...

1. Is this the first time you have taken part in Child Safety Week?

2. What did you do for Child Safety Week?

3. If you know the numbers of people you reached please give an approximate number below:

4. Did you find the theme ‘Safe children: together we’ve got this’ useful?

5. How did the theme help you?

6. Did you find the action pack and poster useful?

7. What other teams, agencies or groups did you work with?

8. Will your partnership work continue beyond Child Safety Week?

9. How did you work together during Child Safety Week and what difference did the partnership make?

10. How did your Child Safety Week activity change the way families think or act about child safety?

11. Please tell us about anything you did that worked well or any advice you would offer to anyone thinking about taking part

12. Do you plan to continue your work on child accident prevention after Child Safety Week?

13. Will you continue to use CAPT resources now Child Safety Week has ended?

14. Which of the following best describes the work area that you are employed in?

15. Were you active on any social media channels during Child Safety Week?

Any other comments?

Please email any photos or reports you are happy to share to [email protected]

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