Wondering what people thought of our training courses? Hear them in their own words.

How to engage parents on child accident prevention (running ‘sessions’)

"I realised the importance of not just ‘telling’ parents but engaging them through questioning and visual props and local news.” – Delegate, open course

“Fantastic course. Highly enjoyable. Lots of theory as well as practical advice and ideas.” – Childminding Network Coordinator, Stockport

“The most useful part was the practical resources, the ‘Preventing Accidents Session Plans’ book with the cards of hazards, and how to feed delivery into what we already do. It will work well in group” – Early Years Practitioner, East Sussex

“I am going to embed accident prevention sessions in the parenting programme for parents that we run.” – Nursery Manager, Stockport

“I have really enjoyed today. The pitch was perfect. It has inspired me to change many aspects within my centre.” – Children’s Centre Manager Bradford

“Thank you so much for a very informative day. Brilliant for our job roles. Very relevant.” – Community Nursery Nurse, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

“The trainer was brilliant. Very passionate about the subject.” – Community Nursery Nurse, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Supporting home safety

“I will amend our safety checklist and help families to take ownership of risk assessing their homes.” – Early Help Family Practitioner, Kent

“The most useful thing was learning the main injury types – ‘five for the under fives.”– Children’s Centre worker, Lewisham

“The hazard and solution activity was very useful – something we can do with parents.” – Early Help Worker, Kent

“Excellent delivery – really enjoyable course.” – Early Help Worker, Kent

“The course heightened my awareness and will support me in managing the team in their work to ensure homes are safer places. I will know how to prompt workers to access services.” – Children’s Centre Key Work Team Leader, East Sussex

“It was really useful seeing views of a home through a child’s eyes.” – Student Health Visitor East Sussex

Training for trainer courses (‘Engaging parents’ (EP) and ‘Supporting home safety’ (SHS)

“You have given me a lot more confidence with ways to approach and inform on a wide range of safety issues.” – Early Years Practitioner, East Sussex [EP]

“Since attending the training for trainers course I have delivered quite a lot of home safety training thanks to your tips and documents. I am delivering another set shortly for volunteers and playgroup practitioners.” – Children’s Centre Key Worker, East Sussex [SHS]

“Listening and watching other people’s practise sessions has shown me some useful ways to present the safety messages to parents.” – Nursery Practitioner Room Leader, Stockport

Preventing childhood accidents and what to do if they happen (first aid)

“I have learnt some really good ways of explaining things and practical ideas to help some of our vulnerable families to engage without using written information which they struggle with.”  – Universal Outreach Family Support, open course

“The trainer’s enthusiasm for the subject was obvious. It empowered me to feel that this is something I can develop in my area. Good examples of a wide range of training methods.” – First Aid Trainer, open course

“As a result of this training I will use more diverse teaching techniques.” – Paediatric Burns Outreach Nurse, open course

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