The generosity of our corporate donors enables us to continue our important work keeping children safe from serious harm.

While we welcome one-off donations, many of our business partners choose to donate a set amount from each product sold, benefitting from research that shows customers are more likely to buy products that support good causes.

Product donations are only accepted from carefully selected companies where we have reviewed the product and are happy to link to it under the CAPT brand.  This helps to protect the values of CAPT and ensures that a CAPT association with your product is a valuable distinction in a crowded market. 

In return for product donations, we grant permission to use the CAPT commercial participation logo on your website and product packaging – offering a visible association with the trusted brand values of CAPT to enhance your company’s positioning on child accident prevention.

Our corporate donors


Robert Powls, founder of Cloud Nine and ghd, says:

“As a company we take safety very seriously, so we are proud to be working in partnership with CAPT. Through this campaign we hope to raise awareness, minimise the risks for young children and ultimately raise funds for a good cause, by making Cloud Nine’s heat-proof pouch available to everyone.”

Get in touch

To find out more about donating to CAPT, please contact Saul Annett: [email protected] or 07971 881 418.