Family life today is more complex than it has ever been and often the very things that help make life more convenient for us as adults bring new risks for children.

We would love you to help us share our messages in the build up to and during Child Safety Week. Below you’ll find some examples of messages tailored to use on either Facebook or Twitter

Please do feel free to create and post your own though – we’re looking forward to retweeting and sharing some of your ideas!

We’ve also developed new creative assets that you can use to show your support for Child Safety Week – a supporter logo, banner and 6 ready-made social media images.

Good luck with getting your social media buzzing with families sharing.

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Creative assets

Ideas for Twitter

Look out for our posts on the Child Safety Week Twitter feed as well as the main CAPT Twitter feed. We'd love you to retweet them to your followers.


  • Child Safety Week is back from 3-9 June. Family life today: where’s the risk #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Family life is more complex than ever. Help keep children safe. #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • With convenience comes new risk. What’s your top tip for keeping children safe? #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • There are new dangers with our modern lifestyles. What are your simple solutions for helping to keep children safe? #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday

Theme focused

  • Hair straighteners can get as hot as your iron and can still burn 15 mins after they are switched off #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Your hot drink can scald a baby 15 minutes after it has been made #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • It can take only 20 seconds for a toddler to die from strangulation from a blind cord #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Young babies can suffocate on nappy sacks – never store them under the cot mattress #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Bright, squeezable washing tablets make life easier but they are attractive to young children #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • E-cigarette refills can contain high levels of nicotine making children ill if swallowed #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Young children can mistake an air freshener bottle with reed diffusers for a drink with a straw #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Avoid the temptation to look at your phone while driving by putting it in the glove compartment #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Remind children not to talk or text on mobiles whilst crossing the road #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • With so many appliances and devices on charge, make sure not to overload electicity sockets #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday

Safety focused

  • It’s frightening if you think your child is choking. But they may be gagging. Would you know what to do? #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Did you know that a baby can drown in as little as 5cm of water? Never leave them alone in the bath #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Button batteries can deadly if swallowed. Keep objects containing them well out of reach #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • What’s the quickest route out of your house in a fire? Make sure you and your family all know it #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Babies can wriggle their way to the edge of a raised surface very quickly. Change them on the floor. #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Children can’t judge speed and distance of cars. Set a good example - don’t dash across roads. #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday
  • Don’t rely on child-resistant caps. Some 3 year olds can open them in seconds. Keep them out of reach #childsafetyweek #familylifetoday

Ideas for Facebook

There are lots of very simple things you can do to engage parents and families in Child Safety Week. You can find a few ideas below. Remember you can also share our posts - follow Child Accident Prevention Trust on Facebook to see our updates.

  • Adapt one of our theme or safety focussed tweets above into a Facebook post to work for your own supporters
  • User our 6 ready-made social media images
  • Share your top tip for keeping children safe and ask parents to do the same
  • Why not brave the Bitrex Taste Test – do you dare to share? Get yours here
  • Do you have a parent or family you work with who would be willing to give a quote and photograph? – personal stories can be very effective, giving others a voice to relate to 
  • Surprising facts and figures and ‘Did you know’ posts can be very effective. Use the Child Safety Week action pack to find facts that might make the parents and families you work with pause to think.
  • Share CAPT’s posts with your audiences