As a parent, what can I do?

As parents, we are far more likely to see people like fire officers or paramedics as heroes. Yet our research for Child Safety Week shows just how much parents do to stop their children suffering horrific accidents – almost two-thirds say they’ve had to save the day to prevent a serious accident.

Parents play down the life-saving role they play, but the truth is, the small actions we all take day-in, day-out to prevent accidents from happening in the first place are as just as heroic as rescuing children after an accident has happened.

Help keep children safe by following these simple steps:

1) Download the 2019 Child Safety Week Parents’ Pack

Download Parents’ Pack

Children develop so quickly, they catch us off-guard. Whether it’s learning to roll, crawl, stand or just exploring their environment as they get older, each stage opens up a new set of potential hazards.

It can be difficult to keep up, and the daily pressures of caring for children don’t make it any easier. What’s more, because the hazards aren’t always obvious, it can be even harder to keep children out of harm’s way.

Download our 2019 Child Safety Week Parents’ Pack aimed at helping parents identify the key risks of accident and help prevent them. There are some fun activity sheets at the back of the pack that you could do with your children.

2) Share your experiences

Have you got any top tips for reducing the risk of accidents? Has your child ever had an accident or near miss?

Here are some top tips on the CAPT Youtube channel shared by other parents, carers, grandparents and childminders:

Get in touch and tell us about your experiences so we can share this with other parents and help them in the battle against accidents.

3) Find out more about serious accidents and how to stop them

You’ll find details of some of the most common causes of serious accidents, as well as safety advice for preventing them on the CAPT safety advice pages.

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