Bitrex® is added to household products that young children may accidentally drink. Bitrex® makes potentially dangerous products so bitter that children will spit them out before swallowing them. So it acts as a third line of defence against poisoning (after storing products out of reach and child-resistant packaging).

In fact, Bitrex® is so bitter one teaspoon full can be detected in an Olympic size swimming pool!

Listen to Katrina Philips discussing Bitrex with Paul Ross live on TalkRadio for Child Safety Week

A poisons message with impact

Want to see the Bitrex® Taste Test in action?

Watch and listen to Simon, Danielle and Katie from Sunderland’s Sun FM take the #BitrexTasteTest for Bitrex® Taste Test Day.

How does the Bitrex® Taste Test work?

Invite parents to taste Bitrex® for themselves using the stamps included in your free Bitrex® Taste Test kit – quickly followed by a piece of milk chocolate, which is the only thing that will take away the taste! The memory of the taste will last for a long time, as will the message about preventing their child being poisoned. Order your Taste Test kit now!

Make it into a session

The Bitrex® Taste Test makes a great ice-breaker for a session on poisoning prevention. CAPTs Toxic Tales DVD resource pack gives you three ready-made sessions on poisoning, featuring films about cleaning products, medicines and carbon monoxide, plus support cards giving you facts at your fingertips, accurate safety advice and engaging iscussion ideas. The pack also includes 25 of each of two flyers for parents – How safe am I from poisoning? and How safe am I from poisonous gas? You can also buy the colourful flyers separately as a take-away for parents.

About Bitrex ®

Bitrex® is an official sponsor of Child Safety Week. Bitrex® is the bitterest substance ever discovered, making it a powerful deterrent to accidental swallowing of harmful household, garden and automotive chemicals. You can like Bitrex on Facebook and follow Bitrex on Twitter to get all the latest news throughout the year.