Our new corporate affiliate scheme offers a low-cost, low-effort way for businesses to become public supporters of CAPT’s work and officially recognised champions for child safety.

The scheme offers affiliates:

  • Permission to use the CAPT Affiliate logo on your website – offering a visible association with the trusted brand values of CAPT to enhance your company’s positioning on child safety.
  • Permission to promote your support of CAPT through your company’s PR activities, with pre-approved copy from CAPT to get your communications up and running immediately.
  • Discounted and exclusive promotional opportunities during Child Safety Week, our annual flagship event.

There is no need to incur significant up-front costs. Instead our affiliates pay a small, one-off joining fee plus an ongoing monthly fee to maintain their affiliate status.

Your contribution will help us to pursue our charity’s vision of a world where children lead active, healthy lives, safe from serious accidents.

Our corporate affiliates


Richard Conway, CEO and founder, Childcare.co.uk, says:

“We're proud to be an official corporate affiliate of the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the UK’s leading charity specialising in the prevention of serious accidents to children. Our support of this charity’s work reflects our active commitment to child safety and helps to ensure the charity is able to continue in its important work to keep children safe.”

Get in touch

To find out about becoming a corporate affiliate and joining a growing community of companies with a concern for child safety, please contact us.