Child Safety Week is our flagship awareness campaign, recognised and trusted by parents to guide behaviour and choices. With the support of our sponsors, it reaches families UK-wide through engaging community activities.

Child Safety Week is interactive and experiential. The campaign resources make it easy for our local organisers to run engaging activities where families learn about safety while having fun.

We reach over 450,000 people UK-wide through local activities and events. Among parents and carers who participated in Child Safety Week 2017:

  • 96% reported that they had learnt something new
  • 87% reported they would be doing something differently.

“A grandparent who attended our sessions went off to buy a safety gate when we were finished. She said Child Safety Week had reminded her that she had not got her house ready for an active toddler.”

We work hand in hand with our sponsors to co-create content for professionals and consumers, and to develop jointly beneficial activity ideas, including co-branded competitions and events.

For example, during the Bitrex Taste Test, parents sample the bitterest substance on earth and learn how to protect children from harm.

“Many parents were unaware you could get cleaning products containing bittering agents. Tasting the effectiveness for themselves will have many looking out for the Bitrex symbol when they shop.”

Child Safety Week offers sponsors:

  • Your company’s logo on printed and digital resources for Child Safety Week.
  • Permission to use the official Child Safety Week sponsor logo on your website and communications, offering a visible association with the trusted brand values of CAPT and Child Safety Week, and enhancing your positioning on child accident prevention.

Our Child Safety Week supporters

Here are just some of the brands, companies and industry bodies who have helped make Child Safety Week possible:






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To find out more about the benefits of sponsoring Child Safety Week, please contact Saul Annett: [email protected] or 07971 881 418.