Child Safety Week is the flagship annual campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. We are the UK’s leading charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in preventable accidents.

Our aim is to secure a safer environment for children of all ages, so they can live life to the full while protected from serious injury or death. Child Safety Week enables us to do this by bringing together individuals and organisations around the UK to promote safety messages to families in a fun and engaging way.

Families today have instant access to every conceivable piece of advice about bringing up children – google is the new guru grandparent. The result is a massive pressure to ‘get it right’, to be the perfect parent or present the perfect family profile, and confusion about what actually makes a difference to children’s lives.

This year’s Child Safety Week runs from Monday 1st to Sunday 7th June 2020. The theme is Safety makes sense! – which is exactly what we aim to achieve.

Why do we do it?

"It is very hard for me to talk about losing Francesca, but I hope that by talking about Francesca’s death it will encourage other families to talk about accidents and ask questions about what they can do to stop them happening to their own children."

Accidents are a leading cause of death, serious injury and acquired disability for children and young people in the UK. They account for three deaths every week and over 2,000 hospital admissions. Many of these accidents can be prevented.

By their nature accidents often happen when they are least expected. Too often we hear from parents ‘why didn’t I know?’ Child Safety Week aims to help families make sense of the real risks to their children and the simple ways that accidents can be prevented.

Is Child Safety Week for you?

Parents need safety advice within context and from trusted professionals who they come into contact with in their daily lives. Children and young people learn from their parents, carers, clubs and schools about keeping themselves safe.

That’s why your involvement is so important. If your role or your organisation’s work involves caring for families and children, either directly or indirectly, then Child Safety Week is for you.

Whether you’re getting involved as an individual practitioner, or bringing multiple agencies on board, Child Safety Week is a great platform to effectively engage with local families. It offers an opportunity to help parents and carers learn how to look after their families with confidence by sharing experiences with the people around them. And a chance to help children and young people gain skills in keeping themselves safe. It’s also a great way of establishing partnerships and sharing experiences and resources with other individuals, organisations or professions in your area.

What can you do?

Big or small, there are lots of different things you can do during Child Safety Week, and lots of different resources from CAPT to help you plan and run an event or activity. We’ll support you along the way with essential information and advice, including activity ideas from our brilliant organisers in previous years.

Getting involved is easy. Take just a few minutes to follow the steps below:

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We have also just launched a new downloadable poster Button batteries: Where are yours? encouraging parents to know where lithium coin cell batteries are in their homes – in products as well as spare and ‘flat’ batteries – so they can keep them out of children’s reach and keep children safe.

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3. Order resources

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