Buy safe toys

“I would hate for any other child to go through what Becca suffered because of buying dangerous toys via online marketplaces.” Becca’s mother 

What you need to know …

  • Toys online – nasty or nice?

    Don’t get caught out buying dangerous toys when shopping online. We explain how to tell safe sellers from dodgy dealers and highlight risky toys to avoid. Read more

  • Toy safety – what are you paying for?

    Here we compare two toys, showing how reputable manufacturers invest in toy safety. Read more

  • Magnets

    Super strong magnets can rip through a child’s gut if they swallow them, causing life-threatening injuries. Find out more. Read more

  • Button batteries

    Button batteries, particularly big, powerful lithium coin cell batteries, can badly hurt or kill a small child if they swallow one and it gets stuck in their food pipe. Find out more. Read more

Videos to watch

  • Dangerous toys to avoid

    Michelle, mum and trading standards officer, shares the inside scoop on dangerous toys to watch out for this Christmas, especially if you’re shopping online. Read more

  • Stocking filler danger!

    Kirsty warns of the dangers of impulse buys from online marketplaces – especially those that come as recommendations in our social media newsfeeds. Read more

Resources to share

  • Visual aides

    Share our free gif, download and copyright-free photos to explain what dangerous toys look like. Read more

  • Leaflet

    A free leaflet from the Office for Product Safety and Standards with helpful toy safety messages for parents. Download, print and share to help raise awareness. Read more

  • Poster

    A free poster from the Office for Product Safety and Standards, highlighting safety risks when shopping online and asking: ‘Who are you buying from?’ Read more

  • Social media assets

    Social media assets from the Office for Product Safety and Standards with helpful toy safety messages for parents. Get sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read more