Button Batteries

“It turns out this is one of the most damaging and dangerous things that my beautiful boy could have ever swallowed. It does not get much worse than this.” - Mother of an 8 month-old baby boy

What you need to know ...

  • The risks

    Button batteries, particularly big, powerful lithium coin cell batteries, can badly hurt or kill a small child if they swallow one and it gets stuck in their food pipe. Find out more. Read more

  • Top tips

    Here we share our top tips for keeping children safe from button batteries. Read more

  • Where are they?

    Typically, children find spare batteries in a drawer, get hold of ‘flat’ batteries left on a worktop or take batteries from products. Find out where they are in your home. Read more

  • In an emergency

    IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR CHILD HAS SWALLOWED A BUTTON BATTERY, ACT FAST. Take them straight to the A&E department at your local hospital or dial 999 for an ambulance. Read more

What you can do ...

  • Session resources

    Use our ready-made resources to run an effective group discussion with parents, whether virtual or face-to-face. Our free film, session plan and poster will help parents recognise dangers and make their homes safer. Read more

  • ‘Flat’ button batteries dangers

    Used, 'flat' lithium coin cell batteries can still cause serious damage to a child's food pipe if swallowed. Help us spread the word. Read more

  • A treasure hunt for grown-ups #BatteryHunt

    Most parents don’t know about the dangers or where batteries are in their homes, so they can’t keep their children safe. That’s why we’re launching a Button Battery Treasure Hunt. Read more

  • Images and resources

    Help us spread the word about the dangers of button batteries by using and sharing our copyright-free photos and free downloadable illustrations, educational resources and videos. Read more