Button Batteries

Everything you need to know ...

  • In an emergency - act fast.

    IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR CHILD HAS SWALLOWED A BUTTON BATTERY, ACT FAST. Take them straight to the A&E department at your local hospital or dial 999 for an ambulance. Read more

  • Resources

    Help us spread the word about the dangers of button batteries by using and sharing our free downloadable resources - including a poster, session plan and royalty-free images. Read more

  • The risks

    Button batteries are the small, round batteries you find in a growing number of toys and everyday objects like remote controls and car key fobs. They can be extremely dangerous for children if swallowed. Read more

  • Where are they?

    Typically, children find spare batteries in a drawer, get hold of ‘flat’ batteries that have fallen onto the floor or down the sofa, or take batteries from products like gaming headsets, car key fobs or slim audio visual remote controls. Read more