Child Safety Week is an annual community education campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), acting as a catalyst for thousands of safety conversations and activities UK-wide.

We help families build confidence and skills in managing the real risks to children's safety. We want all children to have the freedom to grow and learn, safe from serious harm.

This year, Child Safety Week runs from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th June.

"Words can't describe how grateful I am for my friend posting of the dangers on her Facebook page." - Mum to one-year-old Veda, who swallowed a button battery.

Sharing safety knowledge saves lives. Veda's Mum knows only too well how true this is.

Without her friend's post, she would never have known about the dangers of button batteries and rushed baby Veda to hospital, where doctors saved her little girl's life. 

That's why, this Child Safety Week, we are asking you to Share because you care.

The sharing starts right here:

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