Supporting National Burns Awareness Day 2018

11 under-fives are admitted to specialist burns units every day across the UK because their injuries are so severe. Please support National Burn Awareness Day 2018.Read more

Hair straighteners can cause deep burns that can scar for life

1 in 10 parents of under-fives admit their child has suffered a serious burn from hair straighteners or tongs.Read more

We are supporters of Gas Safety Week 2018

As the seasons change, and people start to heat their homes again, it’s more important than ever that people understand the potentially fatal risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.Read more

Safer school journeys

Now the school holidays have come to an end for most of the UK and parents emerge from the endless tasks involving uniforms, shoes, PE kits and lunchboxes, we’d like to make a plea to remember road and pedestrian safety, when it comes to easing children into a new routine.Read more

Falls from open windows

Hot weather sees reports of small children falling from upstairs windows. Why are pre-school children at particular risk?Read more

Staying safe on holiday

It might sound obvious, but remember to exercise the same caution in holiday accommodation that you do at home. A few simple checks and precautions to ensure parents are not caught off guard. Enjoy the summer weather!Read more

A huge thank you!

If you haven’t done it yet please can you complete our shortest survey ever. We know your time is short but we really do need your feedback to help us secure support for Child Safety Week 2019.Read more

Danger on the changing mat

Imagine keeping a bunch of carrier bags within baby’s reach on the changing mat, under the cot mattress or knocking around your children’s bedroom floor – you just wouldn’t would you?Read more

Staying safe when you're out and about

As children across the UK return to school after the half term break, here is some advice on keeping them safe whilst on the roads. Child Safety Week runs from 4-10 June 2010. Safe children: together we’ve got this!Read more

Child Development: The 'why' as well as the 'what'

With just a little bit of a deeper understanding – understanding the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ – parents are much better placed to help protect their children from a serious accidental injury.Read more