Child Safety Week 2017 - Safe children: sharing is caring

For Child Safety Week 2017, we are honouring the power of sharing to keep children safe. We know that nothing has more impact than the voice of experience.Read more

Accidents are leading cause of death for boys aged 1-4

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has warned that accidental injury is the leading cause of death for boys aged one to four.Read more

Why are grapes so dangerous?

Doctors have issued a stark warning that young children can choke to death on whole grapes.Read more

Launch of new guide to accident prevention in early years

Public Health England (PHE) will shortly publish a new guide to preventing unintentional injuries for all frontline staff working with families with children under five.Read more

Focus on: Winter Safety

Seasonal risks to child safety at this time of year may not be obvious, but shorter daylight hours and colder weather mean changes in routine and behaviour.Read more

Have you checked your alarms?

Did you know that you’re seven times more likely to survive a fire in your home if you have working smoke alarms?Read more

Be Bright, Be Seen

Visibility is a key issue all year round, all day round, whether children are walking or on their bike. However, over the winter months, it is especially important as the school day can start and end in twilight.Read more

1 in 10 parents of under-fives admit their child has suffered a serious burn

New research to mark National Burn Awareness Day reveals that nearly 1 in 10 parents of under-fives admit their child has suffered a serious burn from hair straighteners or tongs.Read more

Using button battery stories to engage local families

The BBC issued a stark warning about the harm being done to toddlers by button batteries.Read more

Blind cords or ‘silent killers’?

An inquest into the death of a toddler who was strangled by a window blind cord heard pleas for action to avert similar tragedies in the future.Read more