Nearly 1 in 10 parents of under-fives admit their child has suffered a serious burn from hair straighteners or tongs.

Suddenly I heard a really horrible cry. Jack was on the floor screaming. I grabbed his little hand and saw how badly burnt it was – there were blisters all over his palm and fingers”

The findings, from Electrical Safety First and the Children’s Burns Trust, also show that serious burns from hair straighteners are to blame for 1 in 20 of all admissions to specialist paediatric burns units.

What’s the problem?

Hair straighteners can get as hot as an iron. So hot, you can cook bacon and eggs on them – see our video below. And they can stay hot enough to burn up to 15 minutes after they’ve been turned off.

Many straightener injuries occur when crawling babies and toddlers grab at them, step on them, sit on them or pull them down.

Surprisingly, young children don’t have a reflex to automatically pull away from or drop something that’s burning them – it’s something that we learn.

Which is why hair straighteners cause deep burns that can scar for life.

Help us spread the word

Many parents simply don’t realise how dangerous straighteners can be. Can you help us spread the word and stop these painful injuries?

Our hair straighteners education pack guides you through running effective, engaging discussions with parents and carers, exploring the dangers and the best ways to protect young children. Just £15 plus P&P, including discussion ideas, case studies, flashcards, session plans, first aid advice, 20 flyers and a heat-proof safety pouch.  

Encourage parents to store their straighteners safely

Over a third of parents told us they leave their straighteners to cool down on the floor, on furniture or over a door handle.

  • Encourage parents to buy a heat-proof safety pouch.
  • We also recommend the DAIO as a safe and stylish way to store hair appliances whilst heating up, during use and cooling down. Prices start from £15.99 plus P&P, with up to a £1 donation to CAPT on each unit sold.

A child who suffers a serious straightener burn may need years of repeated surgery, as the scarred skin won’t grow with them. Please help us stop hair straightener burns.