Safe Network core standards launched

29 Mar 2011

If you work in the voluntary and community sector, providing activities that involve children and young people, the new core standards from Safe Network are designed for you.

Launched last month by Safe Network at the Active Communities, Safer Children conference, the standards aim to ensure that work carried out with children and young people up to the age of 18 is: as safe as possible; enjoyable and rewarding for all involved; and compliant with legislation.

The four areas covered by the standards are:

  • safer staff and volunteers
  • child protection
  • preventing and responding to bullying
  • avoiding accidents and running safe activities – with a clear emphasis on understanding the real risks to children and gaining skills in managing those risks, so your group can keep children safe from serious injury without “wrapping them in cotton wool”.

Within each standard there are essential starting points plus additional procedures to strengthen your safeguarding arrangements.

Find out more

Visit the site to read the standards.

You can also access a toolbox of useful resources and, if you register with the Safe Network website, there’s also an interactive self-assessment tool and a template for an action plan.