New invention provides protection against hair straightener burns and house fires

24 Nov 2014


CAPT has teamed up with AOK-Design to raise awareness of the high number of accidental burns from hair straighteners and the risk of house fires from hair appliances left switched on.

AOK-Design have created the DAIO™ (pictured), a stylish but safe way of storing hair straighteners, curling tongs and styling wands.

The DAIO™ uses high-grade heat-resistant silicone, withstanding temperatures of up to 300°C, and has an adaptable bracket that you can easily move and fix onto lots of different surfaces. The silicone cups hold the appliances firmly and keep them safe before, during and after use.

The DAIO™’s creator, hairdresser David Audsley says:

“I developed the DAIO™ as my wife wanted to be able to store her straighteners somewhere neat and tidy but, more importantly, so they were out of harm’s way of our two young children.”

The DAIO™ retails at £39.99, but we’ve negotiated a special 25% discount for CAPT News readers and your friends: until 31 December, you can buy one for £29.99, with £1 from the sale of each one coming to CAPT as a donation.

Katrina Phillips, CAPT’s Chief Executive, says:

"Hair straighteners get as hot as an iron. Babies and toddlers don’t instinctively pull away from something that’s burning them, so burns to their delicate skin are much deeper. Hair straightener burns to children have doubled in recent years and now account for up to one in ten burns to children.

"But these horrible injuries are preventable. That’s why we’re delighted to work in partnership with the DAIO™ hair appliance organiser. It helps keep straighteners out of harm’s way while you’re using them and after you’ve switched them off. And the donation from every DAIO™ sold in the UK helps fund our charity’s work."

You can find out more and order the DAIO™ hair appliance organiser using the discount code: CAPT14.


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